FRANKIE VALLI , TOMMY De VITO & BOB GAUDIO – Rock & Roll Hall of Famers and founding members of The Four Seasons along with Joe Long (who replaced Nick Massi) for their generous contribution of an autographed “Fender Guitar” given to THE JERSEY FOUR to be raffled off for a future benefit concert.

Joe (LaBracio) Long – Musician, Vocalist, member of The Four Seasons and now Music Director of The Jersey Four

Joe Pesci – Actor/Musician (who introduced Frankie Valli to The Four Seasons) for his hospitality, graciousness and contribution toward the autographed “Fender Guitar” given to THE JERSEY FOUR.

FRANK VINCENT – (Sopranos)/Musician for his guidance, assistance and generous donation of his own autographed “Ludwig” drums to be used for upcoming JERSEY FOUR benefit concert.

THE SPIN DOCTORS – Our Good Friends” Chris Barron, Eric Schenkman, Aaron Comess, Mark White, Jason Richerson; for autographing a “Fender Guitar” which is to be donated by THE JERSEY FOUR, for benefit.

JOE LEONE – Actor / Comedian who at times opens for THE JERSEY FOUR.

Jack A. Thrift – Owner of Moody Premiun Guitar Straps, LLC for his kind endorsement to The Jersey Four

DENIS  and  JOHN KAGER  along with the CREW  @ Central Jersey Music Service for all their help and support.

SOUND –  T C  Productions/ Anthony De Marco

WEB MAINTENANCEAnimign Productions, Inc.